Flight Two-Limited Edition CDR (LW011)

from Lost Winter

Out Friday 19.5.2017

Flight Two is the second in a series of four limited CDR releases by Lost Winter planned for 2017.

Flight Two (LW011) features:

* Flight Two & Flight Two Demo
* Mini CDR (burned at home)
* A hand-stamped cardboard sleeve
* A song title business card
* An inlay card featuring a beautiful photocollage by Crow Versus Crow which, as well as being a unique work of art in its own right, also forms part of a larger photocollage, the other quarters of which will be made up of art from subsequent Flight releases (Flight Three will be released in August or September).

Flight Two is influenced by the Jazz/Funk sounds of Jeff Parker's New Breed LP and Bobbi Humphries Blacks and Blues LP.

For this single I asked Pete from Glass Harbours to play drums. We'd never played this type of music before and we soon found ourselves on a steep learning curve. We eventually settled on a breakbeat style drum track, which Pete totally nailed, to give the song a contemporary edge to its early 70s Jazz Funk sounds.

The concept for the Flight series was influenced by stories I'd read about the mysterious fate of certain Sun Ra singles from the mid 1950s. These songs appear to have been released, however, no physical copies have as yet been found. I wanted to emulate this mystery somehow, so I decided to forgo digital distribution in favour of a physical release.

However, I've made one concession by uploading a 60 second sample of Flight Two at:


All Flight releases will be limited to 12 copies.


Richard Westwood: piano, electric piano, electric organ, bass, guitar and synth

Pete Bush: drums

Recorded by: Richard Westwood

Bass and drums recorded by: Pete Bush

Produced by: Richard Westwood & Kathy Westwood

Mixed and mastered by: Mark Sturgess at Soundstation Recording Studio, Wakefield.

Art: Crow Versus Crow crowversuscrow.bandcamp.com

Thank you Pete, Andy and Mark.


Feb-May 17

Sold Out


Lost Winter Huddersfield, UK

Lost Winter was born in the winter of 2012-13 by Richard Westwood, a bored guitarist living in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

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